Sunday, January 17, 2010

Menu Plan Monday 1/18/10

Since we had the visit of our Circuit Overseer last week, we decided to stay in town for the weekend.  And so our meal plan didn't go as scheduled.  It's okay, we improvised and a few things will be pushed off to this week's menu and a few new things are being added.  I found the most fun blog, I Blame My Mother.  She hosts a Food Network Chefs Cooking Challenge every week.  This week the chef is Guy Fieri so I'm going to add one of his meals to our plan and see how it turns out.

Monday:  Mojito Chicken breasts, oven roasted garlic potatoes and broccoli for us and green beans for him

Tuesday:  Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole, Yeast Rolls and peas for us and lima beans for him

Wednesday:  Breakfast for dinner:  Sausage, Grits and Eggs and maybe some biscuits or toast

Thursday:  Lasagna Soup (a family favorite) with Peasant bread (so good, you have to try Gayle's recipe)

Friday:  Pizza - taking it with us on the road

Saturday:  Meal with family

Sunday:  PB&J for the road

I'll be posting the results of the Mojito Chicken.  I can't wait seeing how I LOVE MOJITOS!!!


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Christina said...

I'm trying the Lasagna Soup & Peasant Bread this week!!!

These Are The Days said...

Thanks for always participating in my (Red) Meatless Monday's. I love your meal planning posts.

jo@blog-diggidy said...

mmmmm...lasagna soup sounds yummy!! gonna have to try that...great menu!! :)

Linda said...

Everything sounds so good. Great Menu

Christina said...

I made the Lasagna Soup & Peasant Bread yesterday & it was soooo good! My husband was very impressed that I actually made bread! Everyone loved the Lasagna soup! Thanks!


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