Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 OAMC Breakfast Ideas

I'm doing my Once-A-Month-Cooking this week.  I thought I'd share some of our favorite freezer breakfast recipes/methods.  Most of these are from scratch, since that's how I like to cook.  That's one of the great reasons to do OAMC.  If you love convenience foods from your freezer, but you're bothered by the ingredients on the label, you'll love doing OAMC.  You know what you're putting into your meals and yet, you pull it from the freezer when you're ready to eat.  It doesn't get much simpler that that!

Here's my Top 10 Favorites:

1.  Breakfast Burritos - These were a huge hit with my husband.  You can use sausage, bacon, hashbrowns, eggs, peppers...you get the idea...

2.  Fruity Breakfast Burritos - This was our first month making these and they were so easy and delicious!  You can change it up and use frozen bananas, raspberries, strawberries, etc.  I actually used the Yoplait Simply Go-Gurt tubes since I got them on sale at Publix for $.29 a few weeks ago.  I used some frozen blueberries I picked up at the Dollar Tree (not even the whole bag was touched) and I picked up a 16 pack of "fajita" tortillas at Walmart for $1.00.  I went ahead and made up 16 which means they cost right at $.15 each!  Cheap eat and good too!

3.  French Toast Sticks - This is another Once A Month Mom recipe.  We tried these for the first time about 3 months ago.  We've been hooked ever since.  I use pumpkin puree and once I turn them to bake the other side, I reduce the baking time by about 5 minutes.  (I think my oven must be hotter!)

4.  Muffins - Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Banana Chocolate Chip, Banana Nut, Sweet Potato Cranberry Orange, Raisin Bran, Fresh Apple...these are a few of the muffins I've made over the past couple of months.  Delicious and quick breakfast!

5.  Pancakes - This is actually a take on my favorite Weight Watchers pancake recipe.  I've had to tweak it over the years, but it's still delicious and low fat.  I like to make these up all at once and have them ready in the freezer for our Breakfast for Dinner nights.  I just need to nuke them in the microwave and they're ready to eat.  You can watch this "how-to" video to learn how to add fruit and sausage to your pancakes.

6.  Waffles - This is a great whole wheat waffle mix.  I follow her directions to a T and they are so good!  We nuke these in the microwave for a softer texture or you can toast them in the oven for a crunchier texture.

7.  Bacon or Sausage - This is a method more than a recipe.  Baking your bacon (haha!) will result in nicer, flatter pieces of bacon.  Reheat in the microwave or oven for just a minute to achieve that crunchy bacon.  I've precooked sausage for quiche, omelets, frittatas, pancakes, breakfast burritos, sausage hash with potatoes or breakfast casserole...  It just makes for a fast meal assembly rather than waiting for the sausage or bacon to cook.

8.  Granola or Granola Bars - I love homemade granola.  It's an easy OAMC fix for sure!  You can bake it up and store it in containers for the whole month.  It's fresher than store-bought.  You know what ingredients you are using so there's no question about the "weird label ingredients".  Same goes for the Granola Bars.  I usually make Chocolate Chip but I've also made Cherry Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter.  My Momma always makes Cranberry Walnut.  You can add your favorite ingredients, that's the fun part!

9.  Frozen Fruit - We try to pick our own fruit and berries each year so we can freeze them for future meals.  I keep frozen strawberries, blueberries and peaches on hand for quick smoothies.  They are also great to add to your pancakes.  If your bananas are getting too ripe, you can pop them into the freezer with or without the peels (if you choose peel them, store them in freezer storage baggies) for a great addition to smoothies or muffins.

10.  Biscuits - Last month I made some bacon, egg and cheese biscuits for my husband.  We had the hardest time getting them cooked in the microwave.  The biscuit would be heated through but the egg would not be thawed out enough.  Eventually he had to disassemble the biscuit and heat just the egg.  I've decided it would be best to just have biscuits only so he can heat them for easy breakfasts. 

I hope you'll give OAMC a try.  If you can't do a whole month, why not try doing it for a week.  You'll be surprised how much easier your life will be!

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Nashville TV Show said...

Oh yum!! Stumbling this post now so I'll remember to try some of these recipes!!

Nashville TV Show said...

And I just realized after I left that last comment, that you're from GA. Me too!

ohAmanda said...

Oh my goodness! You wrote the post I've been looking for! I make pancakes by the boatload and just bought 2 pounds of sausage but couldn't think of what to do with them. Thanks for the awesome list!

LOVE freezer cooking my breakfasts!

Susie said...

I need to get on board this! The cereal is getting old:-(

Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

I loved this list since I do a lot of freezer cooking as well. We had the same problem with the breakfast sandwich. The fix that worked for us is we would put the sandwich on a paper towel in the microwave and we would take the egg off and set it beside the sandwich and heat them up at the same time but separately and this worked well for some reason.

Ott, A. said...

Wow! That all looks really good. I don't know I'm quite organized enough to plan and prepare ahead like that, but hopefully in the future I will be.
P.S. I planted my landscape this weekend and planted some Hydrangeas. One of them is red, which was a new variety for me. Stop by for a latte and take a look.

Cheap&Sweet: Life on the scales said...

I see what your cooking Im just missing what quantity's you are using for what amount of ppl. Just a little overwhelmed at how much of one thing I would need to make.

Mandy said...

I LOVE breakfast foods! I don't do once a month cooking like you but I do plan out my meals for a week and I do at least one "bulk" day per week. Like today I chopped onions, celery and peppers to freeze. Sometimes I will do all my vegetable pureeing in one day. Tomorrow I think I'll make some pancakes and muffins to freeze for later too. I do a little bit each week to help me save time later on. If I didn't have to cook for a whole month, I might go crazy! Hahaha! Although it would afford me time to exercise more, work on a cookbook and do other things..... hmmm....

Heather said...

Wow! thanks for all of the ideas and recipes!

Lenetta said...

I don't do OAMC but I do a lot of "freezer cooking" so I love finding stuff like this. I linked to it on my weekly roundup - thanks so much for sharing!

Connie said...

Great list of freezer food! Thanks!

Phoebe @ GettingFreedom said...

Great list! Breakfast is SO hard for me--this will come in handy. :)

Lisa said...

I just found your blog by 'bing'ing oamc breakfast (hope you're still blogging!

I am planning a breakfast oamc session. I am now planning on making each of your recipes here! I can't wait. :)


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