Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Things Kids Say

Haylei spent the night with my mom Saturday night. It's funny how she picks up things that other people say. It might be that I just don't notice how much she is picking up from me until she is not around for a few hours. For example, Kevin and I were driving over to my cousin's house for a gathering and when Haylei said her gum went down her throat. I asked her if she swallowed it into her tummy and she said yes. I told her to be careful about swallowing gum that is can stay in your stomach. (to prevent her from swallowing it in the future). Kevin on the other hand, told her that she needs to be careful because next time she goes potty, she might blow bubbles out her hiney! She said "Nooooo Daaadddyyy....(saying it as if she were scolding Kevin) Don't say that..." it was so darling! She will be 3 in April and already knows when Kevin is pulling her leg!!! Austin is 12 and still asks me if Kevin is being serious! Kids are so great!

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The Horns said...

Haha! I'm going to tell Alyson that, she's always swallowing her gum!


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