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Monday, August 22, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 8/22/11

Last week Sissy started school.  She did great, and I boo-hoo'd like a baby.  Even this morning, she waved at me as she walked down the long hallway to her Kindergarten class, and I boo-hoo'd again!  I hope it gets easier!

So we've been really busy.  Duh!  Everyone else has too.  I'll share a little secret with y'all.  My friend "L" and I auditioned for Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. 


And they loved our tape.  You can watch it if you's too funny!

We created the video last Thursday and emailed the link to the casting director who called back Friday night and said he LOVED it.  We are on pins and needles waiting to see if we get to go on the show.  They'll film in September and October for the new season.  {insert squeal of delight and excitement here!}

Saturday we were able to attend the Saturday program of the "Let God's Kingdom Come!" District Convention.  What a wonderful day!  The afternoon drama brought tears to my eyes and streamed down my cheeks.  Beautiful!

Sunday my husband gave the talk at a neighboring congregation.  We enjoyed dinner with some new friends whom we can't wait to get together with again soon! 

Wonderful, wonderful weekend!

What about y'all?  Did you have a great weekend?

Did y'all see hurricane Irene in the Atlantic?  My husband's family lives in Savannah.  I'm hoping they'll come up and stay with us, but they also have family in middle Georgia too.   It's a little nerve wracking wondering where it will head to.  I hope everyone stays safe.

We have the visit of our Circuit Overseer this week, so two meetings this week at the Hall.

This week we'll be eating some favorites.  No new recipes this week...

Monday:  Leftover rotisserie chicken turned into BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, sweet potato fries and green beans

Wednesday:  Breakfast for dinner:  Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon, oranges and toast

Thursday:  Leftover Pork Roast turned into Stacy's Southwestern Chicken & Rice

Friday:  Thin Crust Pizza (I found some yummy "extra" thin crust pizza at the store on sale for $3.  Only 300 calories for 1/4 of the pizza!)  with Salad

Saturday:  Sweet & Spicy Short Ribs with all the fixings

Sunday:  Sloppy Joes, sweet potato fries, green beans, steamed broccoli

*** YES, "L" has 10 children between she and her husband.  Happy house indeed!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Shopping at Natural Organic Food Markets

You might be thinking to yourself, "Natural Organic Food Markets are EXPENSIVE!"  That can be true.  Or you might be thinking, "Those stores rarely have coupons I can use on product."  That may be true too.  But let me put your mind at ease on some of these issues.

Shopping at organic food markets can be thrifty and frugal.  You need to have a plan, a budget and a little know-how.  

1.  The Plan.  If you are new to the organic scene, as I am, ask your friends if there are any good quality stores in the area.  My friend Carrie tries to stick to an all natural way of life and she suggested Sevananda.  The first time we went there, I was a little surprised at the size of the store.  It's not a huge supermarket, like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods.  It's a small store with a wide variety of products.  The prices were very reasonable on many pantry items, though I chose not to purchase any.  My plan was to scope out the bulk bins and see what kind of price I could get on bulk whole wheat pastry flour, bulk whole wheat flour, bulk dried beans, bulk honey, bulk spices and herbs.

2.  The Budget.  I know, don't groan!  Budgets are set in place for our own good.  Sort of like training our children, they need boundaries and we need boundaries to avoid over-spending.  Currently our budget is $50 a week on grocery and food purchases.  Since it was the first of the month and I hadn't been shopping for nearly two weeks, my envelope was full.  I know I need to buy milk, eggs and butter and a few other sale items at Publix, so I decided to only take $20 cash with me to Sevananda.  

3.  The Know-How.  Here are a few tips and tricks to help you save money on natural foods for your family.  
  • Buy from the Bulk Bins.  The bulk bins are a great way to stock up on organic products at reasonable prices.  Beans in bulk usually cost about $1.50 per pound whereas a bag of beans on the shelf in the same store are about $3.00 per pound.  Sometimes they offer sales and you can pick up the dried bean in the bulk bin for as little at $.99 per pound.
  • Buy from the Bulk Spice Jars.  The bulk spice jars are truly heaven-sent!  A regular size jar of dried spices can cost anywhere from $3.00 up to $5.00.  In the bulk spice jars, the price is per pound and since you are only buying barely an ounce or so of the spice or herb, you are paying less than a dollar for them.  For example, I purchased about 30 bay leaves at $23.49 per pound and spent only $.47!  Normally a jar of bay leaves at Walmart can cost around $3.28 and there might be 10 bay leaves in the jar. 
  • Buy the Sale Items.  Walk around the store and check out the sale tags.  Once while shopping at Sevananda, the Organic Soy Milk was on sale for $2.99 and there was a tearpad coupon on the shelf for $1.00.  I was so excited I bought two!  Check out the produce and see what's in season.  Seasonal produce will be less expensive.

You can watch the video blog of our shopping trip, but the first half of the video was recorded on the wrong setting and is a little fuzzy. 

Do you have any other saving tips for shopping at a natural organic food market?

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Monday, March 1, 2010

OAMC: Prep Day for March Cooking

I wanted to get a few things done BEFORE the actual OAMC day.  I was able to get chicken breasts shredded and cubed from cooking in the crockpot.  Mixed up a double batch of yeast rolls, turned out lovely.  Also made hamburger buns for the first time!  They turned out so cute.  Mixed up the raisin bran muffins so they can soak overnight in the fridge.  Soaked some black beans so they'd be ready for the crockpot today.  Here's the vlog I created throughout the day:

It was a lot of fun and helped tremendously. I'm so thankful for my husband. He was able to run out and pick up a few last minute things I had forgotten...

Stay tuned for today's complete OAMC.

Be sure to follow the hashtag #oamc on twitter.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shopping Trip: Food Lion, Publix 2/20/10

I decided to try another Video Blog (VLOG) and share my shopping trips to Food Lion and Publix.  We found some unadvertised buys at Food Lion which is always fun.  And we went over budget this week.  All is good, since we are also purchasing a few things for OAMC day.  I'm also not going to be purchasing anything at CVS this week.  I just didn't see anything I needed.  So I'm saving the ECBs from last week for another week.  Walgreens has some NADQ's for potting soil, I might use some of my RRs to pick up a couple of bags.  But I haven't decided completely on that yet.  

If you are viewing this from your email update, you'll need to click over to the blog to view the video.  Please rate and leave feedback so I'll know how to improve.  Thanks!

Food Lion
1.91 lbs overripe bananas $.36 (thank Miriam for the reminder on the overripe bananas!)
2.62 lbs bananas $1.02
Boston Butt Pork Roast $7.07
Hormel Pepperoni $1.45
Food Lion Turkey $3.11
Food Lion Turkey $2.97
Country Style Ribs $4.89
Drumsticks $4.23
Oscar Mayer Hotdogs $1.50 x 2
Green Grapes $5.15
Land O Lakes Butter $.50 x 4
Food Lion Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips $1.93
- $1 deli purchase
- $1 chocolate chips
= $41.06 OOP saved $35.80 (47%)

(4) Large Honey Nut Cheerios FREE
(2) Yellow Box Cheerios $.99 each
(2) Chicken leg quarters $3.22 ea
(4) SeaPak Shrimp $2.79 ea
(2) Reese's Cup $1.00 ea
(4) Pillsbury crescent rolls $1.67 ea
Publix eggs $1.59
(14) Green Giant canned veggies $.65 ea
(1) Crisco Olive Oil $2.45 ea
(6) Mueller pasta $.32 ea
(1) Vigo Artichoke Quarters $2.15 ea
(2) Wishbone dressing $.58 ea
(2) Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes $.50 ea 
(2) Publix brand chopped frozen spinach $.89 ea
(2) Green Giant frozen broccoli $.50 ea
(1) Diamond Kosher salt $.39 ea
(4) Betty Crocker Muffin boxes $.30 ea
(2) Yakisoba Noodles (-$.21 ea) overage
Gallon Milk $2.28
- $1 Pillsbury coupon
- $1 Muir Glen coupon
- $5 WYB 20 participating products
= $48.53 OOP saved $101.70 (68%)

My husband works for a food distributor and checked the price on a 50 lb bag of all purpose flour.  Turns out it's only $11.37 for 50 lbs.  I've been paying between $1.59 - $1.79 for a 5 lb bag of flour.  So we decided to purchase it and buy a large tub to store it.  I've been making our own pizza dough, french bread, yeast rolls and a lot of other food items from scratch to save on the cost of pre-packaged products.  Not only is it cheaper, but it's more healthy since we know what we're putting in the food.  I'm going to venture out and try to make our own flour tortillas one day.  Right now, I'm still a little intimidated, but I'll try it one day.  

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Walgreens Virtual Shopping Trip 2/11/10

Yesterday, I recorded the trip I made to Walgreens.  Some of you have requested to go with me when I go shopping and this is just about the closest I can get :)  If you are viewing this from your email update, you will need to click over to the blog and view the video there.

Hope it was helpful. 


Thursday, February 4, 2010

VLOG: How to Navigate Coupon Database Sites

If you are viewing this in your email update, you will need to follow the link to the blog to view the video.

This is a video blog (vlog) about how to navigate through the coupon databases at Hot Coupon World, Coupon Mom and A Full Cup.  If you are new to couponing, going to these sites can be overwhelming.  Hopefully this will help take some of the fear out of these sites.


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