Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Inexpensive Eyeglasses

My husband wears eyeglasses and loves his prescription sunglasses. But they can be so expensive! We're talking upwards of $200 or more for lenses and frames. That's just ridiculous, especially in this economy. So our local economic consumer, Clark Howard, recommended an online company called Zenni Optical where you can get glasses starting out at $8. Kevin purchased a regular pair of eyeglasses for about $20 and a pair of prescription sunglasses for around the same price. They are great glasses. They have many different styles and colors to choose from.

However, just make sure you have about 6-8 weeks for delivery. They ship from China and some comments I have read state they can get stuck in US Customs. We have NEVER had this happen.

This is our suggestion:

Purchase at least 2 pairs of eyeglasses and pay for the extra fee to rush the delivery. You'll have your glasses within 2 weeks. If for some reason, one pair breaks, you'll have the second pair to wear while you reorder. Kevin has been purchasing glasses from Zenni Optical for about 2 years now and has had only one mishap. The bridge of the glasses broke in two, but he was able to get another pair within a week.

If you wear glasses, you know how expensive they can be. Why not try out this company? In the end, you get a great pair of glasses for the cost of a tank of gas these days!


By the way - I was not compensated for this post.  We really do love this company, and think everyone who wears glasses should be able to purchase them on the cheap.  :)


Ray Ban Sunglasses said...

I think i'll try the rush delivery thanks!!!

Eyeglasses said...

This is very helpful. Thanks!


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