Thursday, May 28, 2009

Look What I Got in the Mail Today!

I don't encourage the use of credit cards. Read what Clark Howard, our local economist has to say about them. If you are going to have a credit card, you might as well have one with incentives, right? My friend Donna (my coupon Queen) turned me onto the Kroger credit card. It basically pays you to shop there! I use my Kroger credit card for all grocery store purchases whether or not I am at Kroger. For every dollar you spend equals 1 point. If you buy at Kroger, your dollar equals 2 points. If you buy a Kroger brand item, you get 3 points on the dollar. Then those points turn into money for you. 1000 points = $5 check from Kroger to apply to your next purchase. I got 2 $5 checks in the mail, PLUS some coupons: $.25 off purchase of $2 or more of cookies, crackers, bagged snacks, $.75 off purchase of $2 or more of paper towels, $.50 off purchase of $2 or more of canned soup and $1 off the purchase of $3 or more of hair care products.

So exciting to be paid to shop!


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