Sunday, May 3, 2009

Publix - Where Shopping is a Pleasure!

This is so true!!! I LOVE PUBLIX! Today I finally made it out of the house. First time since last Sunday. I've been down with this horrible cold, and now poor Hunter has it too. So I left him with Kevin and me and Haylei hit the door runnin'! I had sorted out my coupons this morning while Kevin went in service with Haylei and I stayed in with Hunter. I needed to pick up some more Claritin and I had my $4 printable coupon and Publix has a store coupon for $4. Publix will let you "stack" coupons (using a store coupon plus a manufacturer's coupon). So I got a 60 ct box of Claritin regular price $32 subtract $8 coupons makes them $24. Not bad for a 60 count box. They also accepted the $5 off $25 from Rite-Aid. Then I asked them if they would honor the "free bag" coupon from Fresh and Easy supermarket chain, and the manager said, "Of course, we will"...I LOVE THEM!!! I saved $115 and spent $100. But remember, I spent $50 just in I had a pretty good day.

Oh and let me tell you about a couple of FREEBIES: they sell their Daisy brand sour cream 8 oz container for $.99, use your $.50 coupon which doubles to $1 and it's free! Also, Cover Girl Eyeshadow is $2.99 and in their store flyer for the month, there is a $2 store coupon for Cover Girl, stack this with the $1 coupon from the paper and get the eyeshadow for FREE!

I have read some blogs where some customers are complaining about Publix policy regarding their Buy One Get One Free. When you have a coupon for B1G1F, evidently some Publix stores are only giving you the amount of one of the items for free. Let me explain it this way...

Today I purchased the Schick razors that were on sale, B1G1F. Regular priced at $6.29, today they are ringing up $3.15 each. I had a coupon from the paper that was also B1G1F. Some stores are evidently only ringing the price on this coupon for $3.15. So you are paying $3.15 for 2, or $1.58 each. While this is still a good deal on razors, it's not free. Now if you look at your coupons that are B1G1F, there is almost always a box for the cashier to write in the price of the single item. I have been writing it in the box myself for a few months now. It helps out the cashier, as they get in trouble with their manager if they forget to fill it out. AND I put in the price of the regular priced item, so they ring it up for that price. So today, I got 4 boxes of razors for FREE. Really and truly FREE.

I am grateful Publix doesn't make you purchase both items to get that item free (that's CVS' job). I would really hate to see this get ugly since all of us are at the mercy of one or two people who are unable to rectify the problem themselves, like I've been trying to do.

Now go and enjoy your shopping experience at Publix, where shopping is a pleasure!


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