Monday, July 6, 2009

Publix Shopping Trip 7/6/09

Here's my Publix shopping trip today. The price beside the item is the actual cost I paid after the coupon savings or otherwise:

8th Continents Milk $1.00 x 4
Kraft macaroni & cheese $.60 x 4
Ball Park Franks $2.29 x 4 (I bought the wrong ones, but it's okay I still had the coupons! ;)
French's worcestershire $.50
Jennie-O turkey patties $1.25 x 2 (and they had the $1 peelies on them :)
Cool Whip $.75 x 2
Hershey's strawberry syrup $1 x 2
Black Beans $.83
Heavy Whipping Cream $2.12
A.1 Steak Sauce $.10 x 2
Hunt's Tomatoes $.70 x 4

My total groceries were $62.75. I saved $32.74 with coupons and advantage buys leaving me an out of pocket expense of $30.01.

Visit Sarah at Fiddledeedee Mom for more Publix Super Savers!


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