Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CVS Shopping Trip 8/11/09

I was very frustrated with my local CVS store. I went in everyday last week to pick up the Electrasol deal but they never had a 5th box. So I ended up buying 4 and getting a raincheck for the 5th one. So this week I didn't have any ECBs to use toward my first purchase because, you guessed it, my CVS did not have any Electrasol again. So I went ahead and spent out of pocket more than I wanted but at least I got most of it back in ECBs and then I went to another CVS store to see if they had one box of Electrasol and they did. Thank goodness! But then they wanted to give me a hard time about my $10 ECB. They finally printed it for me. If you have to resort to a raincheck and have done a partial purchase towards the deal, make sure you keep your receipt showing you made the purchase and also have the cashier make a note on the raincheck that you only need "_____" to fulfill the quantity and/or dollar amount needed for the ECB.

In the end this is what I got:

1st transaction:
2 pkg Huggies diapers $9.00 each
1 Revlon Mineral foundation $9.99 each
1 Bic Soleil razor $6.99 each

used $5 off $25 purchase
$1/1 coupon for Revlon

$1.50/1 coupon for Huggies x 2
$3/1 coupon for Bic razor

Left me OOP $21.98 ($24.00 with tax), I saved $21.98 and received $3 ECB, $9.99 ECB, $4 ECB.

2nd transaction:
1 box Electrasol $4.50

used $2.50/1 coupon (she said she would accept it even though it expired Sunday)

Left me OOP $2.00 ($2.32 with tax), I saved $3.89 and received $10 ECB.

So my grand total was OOP $23.98, saved $25.87 and received $26.99 ECB for next week.

I have the CVS deals for next week ready and will post it Saturday morning so everyone can get prepared for the big back to school savings they are offering again.


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