Monday, August 31, 2009

Food Depot Deals Under $1 - Week 8/31-9/6

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Here are the best deals under $1.00 at Food Depot this week:

Frozen Medium Pork Spare Ribs $.99/lb
Boston Butt Pork Roast $.99/lb
Claxton Fresh Split Chicken Breast $.99/lb
Whole or Half Pork Ham $.89/lb
Pork Shoulder Picnic $.99/lb
Claxton Backs & Necks $.39/lb

Tennessee Pride 8 oz Sausage Patties $.99 each
Gwaltney 16 oz Great Dogs $.88 each
Gwaltney 16 oz Regular or Thick Sliced Great Bologna $.97 each
Tennessee Pride 8 oz Sausage & Gravy $.93 each
Carolina Pride 16 oz Hot or Mild Sausage $.77 each
Carl Buddig 2.5 oz Sliced Ham, Chicken or Turkey, Wafer Thin Meats $.53 each
Armour Sausage Links 6 oz Sizzle & Serve Pork $.89 each
Armour 2.6 oz Lunch Makers $.89 each
Kunzler 12 oz Red Rose Franks $.69 each
Gwaltney 12 oz Wieners $.69 each
Bar S 16 oz Jumbo Meat Franks $.77 each
Bar S 16 oz Regular or Thick Sliced Meat Bologna $.99 each
Bar S 12 oz Wieners $.82 each

Tomatoes $.78/lb
Jalapeno Peppers $.68/lb
Green Cabbage $.28/lb
Turnip or Mustard Greens $.88/lb
Poblano Peppers $.98/lb
Fresh Kale $.88 each
Baking Potatoes 3/$.99 each
Ready Pack Cole Slaw or 12 oz Angel Hair Slaw $.98 each
Broccoli Crowns $.98/lb

Gatorade Drink 32 oz Lemon Lime, Orange or Fruit Punch $.93 each
Gatorade Champion Drink 32 oz Blue, Gold or Red $.93 each
Hunt's Ketchup 24 oz $.95 each
Spice Time Black Pepper 4 oz $.99 each

Vigo Yellow Rice 5 oz $.56 each
Nabisco Kraft Cheese Nips 12 oz $.99 each
Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix 8 oz 2/$.86 each
Flavorite Texas Biscuits $.69 each
Dean's Sour Cream 8 oz $.89 each
Dean's Onion Dip 8 oz $.89 each
Dean's French Onion Dip 8 oz $.64 each

Minute Maid Punches 64 oz $.84 each
Cool Whip 5.5 oz Strawberry Creme Dips, 6 oz Chocolate Dips, 8 oz Extra Creamy or 8 oz Sugar Free $.92 each

Remember Food Depot adds 10% to all receipts at checkout.


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