Thursday, August 27, 2009

Look What I Got in the Mail This Week!

So far this week I've been surprised to find all my FREEbies come by mail! You know, sometimes you wonder if they will ever come. And sometimes you even forget about them. Then lo and behold, there they are in the mailbox waiting for you to rip into them!

Aveeno Nourish Sample
Potty Training Kit from Pampers
FiberOne Chewy Bar & Cereal PLUS $5 worth coupons
Emeril's Essence Plus $1 coupon
Playtex Sport Tampons sample & $1 coupon
Scope Outlast Sample
Kroger Incentives (2) $5 checks and assorted coupons (from Kroger credit card)

I hope you receive your samples and coupons soon!


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