Wednesday, October 7, 2009

RECIPE: Teriyaki Orange Ginger Fish & Noodles

Okay, so you know I have about 20 boxes of StarKist SeaSations in my freezer. All of which I got for FREE a few months ago at Publix. I've tried to be creative and come up with some new recipes using my stockpile. This is what I came up with:

Teriyaki Orange Ginger Fish & Noodles

2 Tbsp soy sauce (we have reduce sodium on hand) ($.10)
1/3 lb Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Linguini noodles ($.05)
1 box (2 frozen fillets) StarKist SeaSations Teriyaki Orange Ginger variety (FREE)
Juice from 1 orange (about 1/2 cup), plus zest from orange ($.33)
2 Tbsp Kobe Sesame Teriyaki A1 Sauce ($.01)
1 Tbsp fresh chopped parsley (FREE - my little plant on the deck)
sunflower kernels $.25

In large pasta pot, bring water to boil. Add soy sauce and toss in noodles. Cook them thru according to box directions. In the meantime, microwave the fish fillets according to the package directions (about 7 minutes for both fillets). In a saute pan, add orange juice and Kobe Sesame Teriyaki sauce, heat pan over medium low heat. Once the fish fillets are cooked, snip a corner from each pouch and pour the sauce into the saute pan with the OJ and Teriyaki sauce; stir to combine. Remove fish fillets from pouches to a cutting board and chop fish into bite size pieces; set aside. When noodles are cooked thru add them to the saute pan, tossing them to coat the sauce. Add fish, orange zest and parsley; toss to combine everything. Garnish with sunflower kernels and enjoy! (Makes 2 regular portions and 2 kiddie sized portions) - The cost is what I actually paid for the items. So it works out to be $.74 or $.19 per person. The green beans came from our garden and the carrots were purchased at Publix for $.60. So we ate last night for $1.34 or $.33 per person for the entire meal! Not too shabby!

Y'all know my husband is a very picky eater and I was shocked that he actually liked this. First of all, I did NOT tell him the noodles were whole wheat (he would never had tried it). I was prepared to tell him the noodles can sometimes take on the color from the soy sauce (which is completely true, by the way). Thankfully he didn't ask and ate every single bite! (I apologize for the picture, my camera is still broken and I've been using the camera on my phone.)


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