Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NEW Target Coupon Policy

Target has instituted a new coupon policy. You are limited to two (2) prints per computer (like and other online printable coupon sites). Sites that have the Target Coupon Generator still have some coupons listed until they expire.

HERE to view the policy and go HERE to view the new Target coupons.

To find the coupons go to, roll down to the bottom of the screen. You'll see "Target Stores" "Company Information" "Gift Giving" "Help". Under "Target Stores" click "Grocery Coupons". Easy as that!

I'm not sure if you will still be able to print coupons from the Registry Kiosk at the Target stores.
I'll try it and let you know next time we go shopping at Target.

Now we won't have to worry about the shelves being empty when there's a great deal!


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