Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping Trips 11/22/09: Kroger, CVS, Walgreens

Here's what I got today:

So while I was at CVS, I was so hoping they still had the clearance stuff from a few weeks ago. But the assistant manager told me they TRASHED it all!!! I told her not to do that anymore because we couponers can always use clearance candy to help with our scenarios. She didn't know you had to have the same number of items as coupons. When I explained about the "filler" items, she said she wouldn't throw anything away anymore and put it in a basket in the front. I love CVS!

CVS (you can read HERE about the original scenario)
(2) Huggies 31 ct #4 diapers $18.99
(1) Huggies wipes 216 ct $6.99
(3) caramels $.33 each
$1.97 OOP, saving $30.99 (94%) and received $5 ECB for next week

Walgreens (you can read HERE about the original scenarios)
1st order

(2) Triaminic syrups $10.00
(2) card games $.25 each
$.50 OOP, saving $14.49 (97%) and received $5 RR for next week

2nd order
(2) Scotch mailers $.50 each
(2) Triaminic syrups $10.00
(4) Mandarin oranges $.50 each
(2) card games $.25 each
(1) Schick razor $6.99 each
(3) Reynolds wrap $.99 each
$5.46 OOP, saving $29.02 (84%) and received $5 RR and $3 RR for next week

Kroger (you can read HERE about the best deals under $1)
dozen eggs $.99
10 lb bag leg quarters $3.90
(3) pkgs chicken breasts $2.98, $2.98, $2.99 each
(2) 1 lb rolls ground beef $1.25 each
(3) McCormick grinders $1.00 each
gallon milk $1.99
florida navel oranges $4.99
2.74 lb sweet onions $2.74
2.76 lb bananas $1.08
$27.14 OOP and saved $19.48 (42%) - only coupon I had was for the grinders which made them free. not too bad for all the chicken and fruit...

No more money left in our monthly budget for food so I won't be shopping unless I can get it for FREE or if we run out of milk.

I hope you all have a great week shopping!

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