Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Spare Change & Coinstar $10 Gift Card

What do y'all do with your spare change?

When my husband gets home from work, he throws all of his loose change into a milk jug. I usually count this out and wrap the coins (I know that sounds crazy but I do love it. When we were kids, my brother and I would sit around and wrap pennies. Good memories!) As for me, well I'm sure you've heard the expression "burns a whole in your pocket"...they say that about me. I rarely have actual cash or coins in my wallet. I find I'll spend it and not even remember what I purchased. Since I've been couponing though, I've learned to control my impulse buying. But I digress... Here's a great deal for all of you who have "change buckets" (or pickle jars or milk jugs). Coinstar is offering a $50 Gift Card when you bring $40 worth of change and NO ADDED FEES! You're making $10 just for bringing the change to the machine! Go HERE to locate a Coinstar near you and read more about the promotion. You can choose from, iTunes, Lowes and others for your gift card option. This offer ends 12/6/09!

Thanks Thrifty & Chic Mom!

*** Just to be clear, my mom did this and it worked perfectly. They provide you with a $10 Gift card to the store of your choice! Unbelievable!


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