Thursday, December 10, 2009

DEAL ALERT: 8X8 Pyrex Only $2 + Shipping

Visit and check out the sale they have on Pyrex! You can get an:

8x8 Pyrex casserole dish for only $1.99
9x13 Pyrex casserole dish for only $1.99

My momma and I were just talking about these the other night because she can't find any of hers. I have three 13x9 casserole dishes and only one 8x8. With the size of our family, I usually make casseroles in the 8x8 since my hubby doesn't like leftovers. I've learned to layer tin foil in the bottom of the pan and put my casseroles in there and then freeze them. Once they're frozen, I lift the foil from the pan and put the frozen casserole into a gallon freezer storage baggie. They fit perfectly in there.

Looks like shipping is $6.95 for ground shipping. And you can use your PayPal account to pay. That's a great deal!

-- Momma - don't buy one, I just ordered one for you!

Thanks Slickdeals!

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