Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Homeschool Craft: "P" is for Pig

Last week we worked on the letter "P". So you might be wondering why we're just now finishing it and why I'm posting it today? Well, when I mentioned to my daughter that we were going to do a Papier-Mâché Pig and paint it pink (did you catch all of those "P"s?). She was so excited. Then I actually read the directions and realized it was NOT a ONE DAY craft project, which is my speed. This was going to be a MULTI-DAY craft project! We got one layer of newspaper and homemade glue on the balloon and let it dry over the weekend. Yesterday when I took the lid off the homemade glue concoction to finish up the layering, it was rotten! I've never made homemade glue and didn't realize I should have refrigerated it. But silently I was thrilled because that meant we could fore-go the rest of the layering and just paint our piggy!

And here he/she is all done and pretty in pink!

Since we didn't do all the layers, we didn't make it a piggy bank. Thankfully I never told her about that part so we didn't have a meltdown.

We're working on the letter "Q" this week. Not sure what kind of project we can do for that. Anyone have a suggestion?



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