Monday, December 7, 2009

New to CVS - Want to learn the Game?

When teaching others about CVS, I've often referred to it as "playing a game with the computer". For those of you who have attended one of my coupon workshops, you'll remember I told you it can take about an hour to teach CVS. Well, I received an email from a fellow coupon blogger who did an entire CVS Tutorial and it took her almost 6 hours to complete it! Yes, it is in depth, but if you really want to understand how to maximize your savings at CVS, you will want to read her tutorial.

Lissa at "Saving Your Cents" listed her CVS 101 Tutorial for all of you to enjoy.

Thanks Lissa!


Tara said...

Thanks for telling us about her tutorial! I will definitely be watching it!! Need all the help I can get with CVS and Wal-green's!

Diane said...

Agree! I am having trouble on these - looking forward to watching and learning more!


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