Thursday, January 7, 2010

Family Fun: Going to the Movies

Have you been to the Movies lately?  My husband is absolutely dying to see Avatar, but I absolutely refuse to pay $10.50 a ticket!  By the time you add popcorn and a coke, we're talking about $30 just for the night.  That's my weekly grocery budget this month!

There are a couple of different thrifty solutions to this problem:
  1. Locate a movie theater in your area that shows movies for $1.00.  There are usually at least one that get the movies later than everyone else and charge anywhere from $.50 up to $1.75.  Sometimes, they will even let you bring your own popcorn and drinks from home. There are at least two in our area that I'm aware of, Fayetteville and Marietta (thanks to Jennifer for that one!)
  2. Rent the movie from your local video rental store.  These usually have rental fees for $.99 a movie.  Or you can rent a movie from Red Box.  They offer FREE movie rental promo codes on the First Monday of each month.
  3. Sign up for video rental service by mail.  The two most popular are Netflix and Blockbuster.  We actually have Netflix and love it.  We've been using it for about 3 years now.  You pay a monthly fee and receive movies in the mail.  There are several different options to choose from, as little as $4.99 for for one DVD at a time with a limit of 2 rentals a month; to $23.99 for four (4) DVDs at a time with unlimited instant TV viewing from your computer. (I'm not endorsing Netflix and I didn't get paid to tell you that, this is just from our experience with them.)
  4. If you are "dead-set" on seeing the movie at the theater on the big-screen (and you do not have a "cheap $1.00" movie in your area), you can save a couple of dollars by going early to a matinee seating.  These are usually showtimes before 3:00-4:00 pm.  You will need to check with your local theater for the exact time and costs, but going early can save you as much as half of a regular priced ticket. 
By choosing one of these thrifty solutions, you are saving anywhere from 50% (matinee viewing)  up to 100% (FREE Red Box promo) of the cost of movie-going.


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Coupon Teacher said...

All great ideas, I also always try to take advantage of free movie tickets and BOGO deals! Thanks for linking up!

Catherine said...

If you have AAA, you can also purchase movie tickets through them at a savings. Also, I subscribe to my local movie theater's website and often receive coupons through email - we've received anything from buy one, get one free coupons to free popcorn coupons to free movie admission coupons on our birthday month and anniversary month!

Candi said...

Those are some great ideas Catherine. I'll have to check into that.


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