Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Sign of Spring!

Yesterday was beautiful here in Georgia.  The temperature gauge reached about 60 degrees F with sunny, blue skies.  Absolutely beautiful!  So the kids and I took advantage of the day and played outside during the afternoon.  I was looking through the garden beds and trying to decided which ones I wanted to dig out completely and which ones I wanted to revamp.  Then I came across this:

Little green daffodil sprouts peeking through the dirt!  Daffodils are really a frugal bulb to plant in your flower beds.  They are perennial which means they come back every year.  And in most cases they will multiply in number.  Have you ever been driving along an old country road in the Spring time and see an old pasture covered in yellow daffodil blooms?  To me that is the most beautiful sight.

We're going to try to expand our vegetable garden this year and want to start some tomato seeds indoor.  So I'm guessing I should figure out when and how to do that.  This will be my first time starting tomato seeds indoor. 

In the meantime, what a happy sign that Spring is on the way!  However, in Georgia, we can't get too excited since it's completely possible to receive snow until March and even April in rare cases.  Last year we received snow in March and made a snow man.  We used yellow daffodil blooms for his eyes and green pine needles for his hair.  So adorable!


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lorre said...

My yard has no sign of life.... but Im happy to see htere is hope.

Cupcake Mommie (Jessica said...

So glad you like the rolls!

I can't wait to try my hand at gardening this year...it will be an adventure..that is for sure!

Sharon said...

OH! i'm jealous. We got 8 inches of snow today... and our flowers don't dare show their heads until mid-April. And that's a long way off!

(BTW, I got the BJ's gift card today! THANK YOU!)

Coupon Teacher said...

Thanks for linking!

shopannies said...

so glad you are seeing the early signs of spring while I know we are still several weeks away I cant wait it is always such a time for celbration because I love warm weather

Amy @ Finer Things said...

Seriously? Signs of spring?! Lucky you. :) I think we've got a couple months of winter left, but we sure haven't had much snow yet.


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