Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scrappin' Sunday: Not Just Ordinary Envelopes!

Remember when I told you about the Cash Envelope Budget System?  Recently, another blogger shared her template FREE for everyone to make their own envelopes.  But these aren't just ordinary envelopes, they are so pretty and make me just want to save the cash in them!

I couldn't get the envelope template to download for some reason.  Apparently, Kelleigh was told that yahoo email subscribers were having trouble.  Hopefully they got that fixed and if you want to download the template, you won't have any problems now.

You know how impatient I am by nature, I could not wait for them to fix the problem with my email verification.  So I took a standard envelope apart at the seams.

Then I traced around it onto double-sided pattern scrapbook paper and cut them out with scissors.  Look how pretty they are!

Maybe this will inspire you to save a little money or even to start paying with cold-hard-cash versus whipping out your debit or credit card to pay for things.



These Are The Days said...

I'm all about cash those pretty envelopes. I'll have to make some because mine are just the plane old cash ones from the bank. Thanks. :)

Christina said...

THat is SOOOO cute!!!!!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Ooooh! SO pretty! I love this! Now, aren't you motivated to keep the cash IN there rather than empty them out!?! LOL!

Kandi said...

So cute! This was one of my most fave SU papers ever!

Carrie said...

So creative - it makes a big difference to make something a little prettier doesn't it? Such a neat idea! Now I have to search for some cool paper I like. :)


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