Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shopping Trip 1/25/10: Kroger, Aldi and Publix

I am really upset about missing out on the Publix penny item now that they changed the day from Sunday or Monday to only Thursday (in my county).  But it's not worth the hassle of grocery shopping in the middle of the week for me.  I like to get it done on Sunday afternoon or Monday morning.  This way I can start the week off with everything I need for the week and it just makes sense to me.

I drove back out in the pouring down rain to Kroger Sunday night after we got home from Savannah to pick up on the Kraft Cheese Catalina only to be completely disappointed that it didn't print, on either order.  I picked up 10 blocks of cheese on the first order for $5.35 and 10 more blocks of cheese on the 2nd order for $8.35.  I called the Catalina company Monday to find out if they would mail me the coupon.  She was really nice and helpful and documented everything from my receipts to forward to their customer service department.  She said it can take about 4 weeks to receive anything by mail so just be on the look out.  That was my first experience with the Catalina company.  According to their directory, you can access the same information via the internet.  I really like to speak to someone in person so I'm glad I didn't have to use the online form.

(12) cans Hunt's Tomatoes $.19 each
(4) cans Rotel FREE plus $.11 overage each
(5) pkgs Mission Flour Tortillas $.74 each
(2) bunches of bananas $1.42 and $.84 each bunch ($.49/lb)
(5) bags Quaker Quakes FREE plus $.21 overage each
(1) bag Jim Dandy Grits $1.29 each
(1) box Kroger Freezer Bags $1.89 each
(1) bottle Kroger Honey $6.49 each
(1) pouch Bumble Bee tuna FREE plus $.21 overage
(1) bag dried black beans $1.29
(1) bag dried Great northern beans $2.00
(2) boxes Finish detergent $.49 each
(2) boxes Capri Suns $1.37
= $25.29 OOP saved $46.83 (66%) 

(3) bags Navel Oranges $1.39 each
(1) bag Sweet onions $1.69
(2) bags Flour $1.59 each
(1) Honey Mustard $1.19
(1) Brown sugar $1.19
(2) Tomato sauce $.25 each
(2) Tomato paste $.39 each
(1) Tortilla bag $.99
(2) White bread $.79 each
(1) Wheat bread $1.29
= $17.06 OOP

(2) Ritz crackers $.55 each
(2) Wolfgang Puck Beef Broth $1.59 (I thought these were 2/$4 and I had a $.50 coupon...)
(5) Yakisoba Chicken Noodles FREE plus $.21 overage each (these are delicious!)
(2) Aleve FREE plus $1.53 overage each
(5) Jiffy Time Healthy Popcorn FREE
(4) dozen Eggland's Best eggs $1.00 each
(1) Organic Valley Milk $2.50
(2) Frank's Red Hot FREE
(2) Kraft Ranch dressing $.85 each
(7) Chobani Greek yogurt FREE
(3) Daisy Sour Cream $.50 each
= $12.28 OOP saved $63.88 (84%)

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