Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Cloth Diapers

No, I didn't use cloth diapers for their intended purpose.  We used them for spit rags and burp cloths.  They have lasted through two children and almost 4 years.  These things are amazingly durable!  So it got me to thinking the other day of the many different uses for cloth diapers.

When my kids have runny noses, I tie a cloth diaper loosely around their necks to easily wipe their noses.  Haylei usually turns her diaper around backwards so she looks like a super-hero! 

Now that Hunter's 19 months old, we use them for big bibs.  He's a super messy eater (he was eating strawberry jello in this picture).  It keeps his clothes from getting stained and it's an easy way to clean him up afterwards.

We also use them for wash cloths in the bathtub.  Haylei likes to trap air under the wet cloth and create a huge bubble. 

More recently, I've been trying to reduce the amount of paper towels we use in the kitchen.  My Momma has always kept lots of kitchen towels on hand.  Like mother like daughter, I too have a drawer full of kitchen towels.  I never thought of it as being earth-friendly, but it truly is.  We've actually replaced paper towels at the supper table.  We've been using some of the cloth diapers for napkins and they're working great!  Kevin is not opposed to using cloth napkins.  In fact, he prefers them when we're eating sticky chicken wings.  Since the diapers are white, I can easily bleach them and keep them clean.

Do you have leftover cloth diapers too?  I'd love to hear how you have re-purposed your cloth diapers.

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Sandra said...

We don't cloth diaper either, but great job thinking of all those different ways to use them! :0)

Coupon Teacher said...

No kids yet, but seems like great ideas to me!

Heather @ Green Baby Green Mama said...

The prefold kind that you are talking about are great for dusting after they have served their purpose on a baby's heiny!

Anonymous said...

When my daughter was a baby we used cloth diapers for every sort of clean up except their intended use :-) They are so much less expensive than bibs and burp cloths, and they wash well over and over again. Whenever I go to a baby shower, I always bring something from the registry and a couple of boxes of cloth diapers. Time and again my friends who didn't even know to ask for cloth diapers have thanked me. I agree with Heather that they are perfect for dusting and they are typically low lint so I use them to dry dishes.

Emily said...

We use cloth diapers to diaper our babies. :) But, I also got some cheap Gerber pre-folds (the kind that are thicker in the middle, and cut them to size to fit on my Swiffer and then zig-zagged stiched along the edges. Re-usable swiffer mops!
We don't use any paper towels or napkins at our house - good for you for moving towards using fewer paper towels!

Anonymous said...

We've got nice Chinese Pre-folds and I've held onto them in case we have another baby. Once we're done with babies, I'll resell them, since I bought them used and they're still in great condition. Hopefully I'll be able to get back my original investment, and another baby's bum will be diapered on the cheap!

The cheap flats have been re-used as cleaning rags around here, though.

Carrie said...

I don't think anyone mentioned cloth menstrual pads. Once you go cloth, you'll never go back! They're so much more comfy and healthier... they have to be stitched up smaller obviously.

I also used cloth diapers as diapers. The good ones last almost forever and can be used for multiple children, then they're great for washing cars or for anything that requires a lint free rag.


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