Tuesday, March 30, 2010

How to Fix Untucked Dress Shirts

If you have a little boy in your home and you attend religious services of some sort, then you might run into this same problem:

Untucked dress shirts!  It drives me crazy!

We'll have Hunter dressed for the meeting and the next thing you know, he's running through the house screaming and carrying on like almost 2 year old little boys do, and his shirt tails are hanging out of his pants.  When he was a little baby, I used to use this method all the time, but as he got older, it was easier to keep them tucked in.  Now he's like a madman and there's nothing that holds him still.  So we're back to the method.  

Now there are a couple of stores that sell dress shirts with a "onesie" type fastener, but they can be rather expensive. 

So I wanted to share how we keep our little boy's shirt tucked in nice and neatly:

Sheet Straps, or some of you might call them Sheet Suspenders.  

You know what I'm talking about right?  The little contraptions you use in your bedroom to keep your sheets from flipping off the mattress.  You can buy them at Walmart for less than $5 and you can even order them on Amazon.com (so if you have Swagbucks and redeem them for Amazon gift cards, well, they'd be free for you!)

This is what we do:

On the bottom front of the shirt, fasten the sheet straps on each side of the button.

Have the baby lay on his tummy and fasten the sheet straps about a hand's width apart on the backside of the shirt.

And that's it!  Honestly, it's the easiest way I've learned to keep his shirts tucked in.  
He looks so handsome!

It works for us and I hope it helps you too!

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Janna said...

Nice invention:) He looks sharp.

Elizabeth said...

that's AWESOME! it made me smile, lol

UnfinishedMom said...

This is a great idea. Enjoy it while you can. After he's potty trained it might not work so well. 'I've decided keeping shirts tucked is hopeless with my 8 year old!

Coupon Teacher said...

Cute idea!


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