Saturday, March 27, 2010

Q&A Saturday: I didn't get my coupons, now what?

Carrie asked, "Do you know where it's possible to get the Sunday inserts if you miss a week?"

This has happened to me before.  I purchased the newspaper but the inserts had already been taken out!  It's sad but true.  

There are a couple of solutions:

1.  Hit the "green store"!  That's right, go dumpster diving in recycle bins.  You'd be surprised how many people toss out their coupons.

2.  Visit the library.  Your local library may carry a variety of newspapers.  However, the smaller newspapers may not carry all of the coupons that the larger ones receive. 

3.  Purchase whole inserts online.  There are a couple of places to purchase whole inserts online:
  • Coupons & Things by Dede
  • Collectable Coupons
  • Hot Coupon World also lists other clipping services and/or trading sites
  • eBay.  Be careful when purchasing coupon inserts from eBay.  READ the entire auction carefully.  Also make sure the seller has good feedback.  Purchasing from sellers with a high volume can result in good and bad service.  I try to pick someone who is middle of the road and have never been dissatisfied.
Hope that helps!


April said...

I've had this happen to me to. Now I always look inside the newspaper before I buy it to make sure the inserts are in there.

Christina said...

I found out that the little newspaper machines you put quarters in usually have the Sunday paper for a few days. The one at our Kroger gas station does & I noticed the one in front of our post office had some on a Wednesday!!!! YAY!!

Carrie Lauth said...

Oh my goodness I love that #1 suggestion! Free inserts!

I ended up getting a double Sunday paper on a THURSDAY (for the previous week of course) at Publix. They were right there at customer service, stacked up. Probably have been there all along and I just didn't notice. LOL!


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