Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Question for the Readers

Since I have changed the direction of this blog from a "coupon and deal" blog to more of my niche of food and family, I had a question for the readers.  While I don't list the best deals under $1 each week anymore, this does not mean I don't still pick up on the deals at the store.  In fact, I still share my shopping trips each week (when I do go shopping) and give you the breakdown of each store.  

My question to you is this:

Would you be interested in a list of what's free at the stores for the week?

I appreciate your input.  This will help me know what you are interested in reading.  You can either leave a comment or email me directly.....sweetdarlin25(at)yahoo(dot)com



April said...

I haven't been with you long, so I don't know about what you used to post. I love the way it is now, but ultimately it's your decision on what you want to share on your blog. I'll continue to follow it either way. :)

Cas said...

I would love too. I enjoy any tips or hints on savings...especially since your here in Ga too so I know that they are actually obtainable by me.

Gaertegang said...

There are so many other blogs that list deals I would say skip it. Plus deals are so regional most of the time so you could be wasting your time for most of your readers.....just a thought!


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