Friday, May 7, 2010

Feed Me Books Friday: Board Books


This week at Adventure of Motherhood I'm sharing our love of board books.

With two little ones, we have our fair share of board books.  I never thought of these as "teething" tools, but honestly, they work wonders.  After my friend told me that's one of their purposes, I started looking at them with a whole new respect.  

...And a little paper never hurt anybody!   

Touch and Feel Animals Box SetTouch and Feel: PuppyTouch and Feel: Kitten (Touch and Feel)
Touch and Feel Puppy, Kitten, Farm Animals, it's a boxed set of all 3.  My almost 2 year son, loves these books.  He likes to "tickle" the puppies and the kittens.  It's very cute to see how he interacts with these books.  The books also help teach colors, textures and body parts.

Finger Puppet Friends: Little Duck, Little Ladybug, Little Lamb, and Little Bee! (Finger Puppet Brd Bks)
Finger Puppet Friends: Little Duck, Little Ladybug, Little Lamb and Little Bee, it's a boxed set of all 4.  We originally purchased this for my daughter because her nickname is Ladybug and well, I'm a sucker for anything with ladybugs on it.  The set is adorable.  I use my thumb to wiggle the puppet, that way I could hold the book and turn the pages.  Now my daughter is old enough to be the puppeteer and "read" the story to my son.  I love how the story makes it personal and includes the child as their friend.  

We have all of these books and my preschooler and toddler love them! links have been embedded.  If you choose to purchase through the links, I'll receive a small commission from  Thank you!


Susie said...

Books are a great thing for kids! Inside and outside of their mouths:-)

Gretchen said...

My Susie has eaten the corner off of that exact Touch and Feel Animals!! :) Found her in her carseat with paper on her mouth.

She's much better about it now. :)

Janna said...

We have several books of the same kind with very tattered corners:) They literally feed on the books!

These were some of the only books she liked for the first year of life.

Thanks for sharing and Have a Blessed Mother's Day!


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