Friday, September 17, 2010

Kids...In the Kitchen: "B" is for Brownies

So you know how much we love to bake and get into the kitchen.  And this week we were supposed to be learning the letter "B", but we didn't have alot of schooling going on this week.  With the new routine and the hospital/doctor day, we kind of got off track a little.  We did read our Bible stories each evening, we also went on our nature walk, but we didn't get to visit a bakery nor did we go to Callaway Gardens to visit the butterfly house.  So we decided to finish up our week with Baking Brownies.  One of my favorite "farm/garden/photography" bloggers, Inside the White Picket Fence, writes a series about Girls in the Kitchen.  I love her posts and thought about doing them with Sissy.  Well, baking brownies came at the perfect time and working in the kitchen seemed like the thing to do.  

So here's some pictures of baking brownies:

preparing the butter

adding sugar

adding vanilla
cracking eggs

measuring baking powder


spreading into the pan

blowing it so it will be cool enough to eat


1 comment:

Susie said...

Ha! Ha! I just made brownies this afternoon for a party this evening:-)


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