Tuesday, September 28, 2010

REVIEW: Ultra Gain Dishwashing Detergent

My Blog Spark contacted me about trying out the new Ultra Gain Dishwashing Liquid.

I have to admit, I normally don't purchase dishwashing liquid.  Most of the time, I can work the drug store deals to my advantage and practically get it for free when it's on sale and using a coupon.  I usually get Dawn, Joy and Palmolive. 

This is a new detergent from Gain.  It has a nice scent.  It's not too strong.  It cleans well and cuts through the grease from my hamburger adventures.  It's definitely one I'll be purchasing in the future.  I shared one of the gift cards with my Momma along with one of the T-shirts.  I've encouraged her to try the new dishwashing liquid despite her love of another brand.  I hope she likes it!

Recently, P&G released a $1.00 coupon in the newspaper inserts.  Walmart had Ultra Gain Dishwashing Liquid on sale for $.97.  That's right!  It was free after the coupon! 

Did you pick up on that deal?

P&G provided me with a 11 oz bottle of the new Ultra Gain Dishwashing Liquid in Original Scent, T-shirts and Walmart gift cards through My Blog Spark.  The above opinions are my own.


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Mommarock said...

I did pick up that deal, and it does smell good! I havn't tried it quite yet as I'm finishing up another brand I have in my scrubber at this time..but I love the smell! I hope it cleans as good as it smells.. that would be a great ad ha!


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