Sunday, September 12, 2010

Week at a Glance - Meal Plan Monday 9/13/10

My husband has been working on a different schedule for the past several months.  We sort of got into a little routine over a period of time and now we're going to be adjusting to a new routine.  Since he's going to be working in the mornings again, I won't be able to work at the bakery in the mornings now.  I was really disappointed and when I told my bosses, they were willing to work around my new schedule.  I was so GRATEFUL!!!  I really love working at the bakery and baking cakes, cupcakes and pies.  It's like a dream come true for me.  So next week starts a new schedule for us.  I'll be working at the bakery in the evening on Monday and Wednesday from 6 until 9 or so, baking pies and cakes and making up new cookie dough for the freezer.  I'll be working 7:30-2 or so on Thursday and then 6:00-9:00 on Sunday morning.  We'll see how this works this week and then adjust it as need be.  My friend Lorre is the other baker and she has increased her hours to cover Tuesday mornings.  Hopefully it will work out.  

Also this week, Haylei has her annual MRI to check her lumbar lipoma to make sure it's not tethering into her spinal cord.  I'm also going to mention to the doctor for them to review her chiarri malformation as she has been complaining of some pain at the base of her skull.  As a mommy, we worry about these things, but you never know what's going on in there.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?

For school this week, Haylei will be learning the letter "Bb".  You'll see some of the foods and meals we're eating this week will coincide with the letter of the week.

Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Weekly breakfast:  Boiled Eggs with Blueberry Muffins; Blueberry Scones with Sliced Banana; Chocolate Banana Muffins
Weekly Snacks:  Blueberry Banana Smoothies; Peanut Butter and Graham Crackers;  Cheese sticks with Apples
Weekly Lunches:  Bologna Sandwiches; Bean and Cheese Burritos; Homemade Cheese and Macaroni; and fruit

Monday: Crock Pot Rotisserie Chicken, Potatoes and Green Beans (play date in the morning, picnic lunch at the park with friends, ballet at 2:45, working 6-9 p.m.)

Tuesday:  Chicken REMAKE:  Chicken Fried Rice, Peas, Carrots, Broccoli (meeting at 7:30)

Wednesday:  Blueberry Pancakes and Sausage (Haylei's MRI 10-12 noon, working 6-9 p.m.)

Thursday:  Soft Tacos with Mexican Rice and Beans (working 7:30-2, family worship night)

Friday:  Pizza with Salad (pizza and movie night)

Saturday:  Lunch:  Meatball Sub Sandwiches;  Supper:  Hamburgers (meeting 10 a.m.)

Sunday:  Lunch:  Tuna Sandwiches:  Supper:  Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken Lasagna (working 6-9 a.m.)

 I think that's it for the week.  I'm sure there will be some changes.

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Christina said...

Great pictures!!! Hope Haylei's tests turn out well! I'll call you later!!


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