Monday, January 3, 2011

"Food Inc." - The Documentary

Food, Inc. 
Have you seen this yet?

I watched it on Netflix Saturday.  My husband and I contracted that horrible stomach bug that was going around.  Boo-Boo had it Thursday and Sissy threw up in her bed that night.  I guess between cleaning up messes and holding sickies, we got it.  Anyway, I felt horrible Saturday, barely moving off the couch.  Around 6 in the evening I decided to watch something.  Nothing on TV.  Why is that?  So I pulled up Netflix and remembered I had put Food Inc. in our queue.  

I was so surprised after watching this documentary.  My husband reminded me that this is only one side of the story.  There are always two sides.  My friend Brandy says there are 3 sides to every story - yours, mine and the truth.  So while I'd like to believe everything they said was true, I'm sure there were some things left unsaid.

I'm not going to spoil it for you if you haven't seen it, but I do think it's worth watching.  Especially if you have concerns about healthy eating.

After watching it, I've decided to do some research on grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.  We have some friends who live in Alabama who raise grass-fed beef.  We actually considered purchasing 1/2 a cow last year.  Things got busy and I didn't think about it when it was time for them to butcher their cows.  I'll be asking them about it again. 

I'm also going to be heading over to the Whole Foods market and Dekalb Farmers market to get prices on grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.  I do use coupons for quite a bit of pantry-style products.  So I think our budget can handle some of these items.  I'll check Publix to see if they offer grass-fed beef and free-range chicken.  I'm not interested in "organic", but grass-fed seems to be a little easier for us to digest rather than the corn-fed beef. 

If you seen this, I'd love to read your thoughts and comments. 



coupongirl03 said...

I read your blog everyday by the way! Me and you are alike in the way that we want to raise our family in the healthiest manner that we can while saving money! My husband has been blessed with a good job to where I can stay home with the 2 kids! I love it! We have Netflix and I just put Food Inc. in my "to watch" box! We live in the country with many farms around so it is very easy for us to get farm raised, grass fed beef, pork, chicken! We have our own chickens so we get fresh eggs everyday! We also grow a garden every year and I can and freeze as much as I can! I am new to the whole bulk/freezer cooking so any advice would help! I love couponing!! I have taught a class on it and will be teaching another one soon! I am not a hoarder, and I do not purchase more than we will need for a couple of months, so I agree with you on the blog where you mentioned the couponing show that came out! Not sure why I am saying all! I will be watching Food Inc soon and I will comment back!!

Marsha said...

Food Inc has been in my Netflix queue forever. I really need to watch it soon. Thanks for the review!

Carrie said...

Yes I saw it. There are several more like it available on Netflix. SuperSize Me is another good one.

I believe the message because the big food industries are movitated by profit. Nothing wrong with that, it's what makes business work. But MY motive is health for my family (as best as we can get it in this current world). So I have to be a good researcher and consumer.

It's true that there are two sides to the story but the expose of the meat industry has been going on since the 1960's when Upton Sinclair wrote The Jungle. It's not news, it's just that more people are refusing to look the other way as they see the health of Americans suffer and their waistlines grow.

One of the reasons I got into couponing was so I could afford farm eggs, milk and grass fed meat.

Anonymous said...

Funny. We just got Netflix, and I have watched about 20 documentaries in two weeks! Food, Inc. was one of the first. (I have since watched Food Matters - also good.) I had the same thoughts about Whole Foods and Dekalb Farmer's Market and was trying to find out more information about their food standards -- which led me to your post!

The Publix where I shop has a very small selection of organic/free range products that are pretty pricey compared to Whole Foods and the farmer's market. I love Dekalb Farmer's Market and have been buying my vegetables and seafood there already, but I am going to compare the meat there to Whole Foods.

Good luck, and healthy eating!


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