Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Monthly Meal Plan: February 2011

February is always a fun month.  I think it's because it's the shortest of the all the months.  We're going to be eating meals planned from the freezer stockpile.

My husband and I have been in talks about purchasing a cow.

No, not a cow we can call our pet, and keep it in the backyard.

We want to buy a cow to eat.

Beef is good!

Anyway, there are a couple of options we are checking into.  In the meantime, we need to eat down some of our freezer stockpile to make some room.

Monday's have proved to be pretty hectic around here, so I'm going to be doing a slow-cooker meal that day.  

Here's what I have to work with:
chicken wings
chicken breasts
country style pork ribs
boneless beef short ribs
pork chops
ham bone
ground turkey patties
turkey pot pie filling
turkey tetrazzini
whole turkey

Here's the plan:
Monday:  slow-cooker night
Tuesday:  soup night
Wednesday:  breakfast night   
Thursday:  leftovers
Friday:  pizza night
Saturday:  new meal/pantry night
Sunday:  tex-mex night

Here's the plan for February:
  1. Soup Beans and Cornbread (mashing leftover beans and freezing)
  2. Scrambled Eggs and Turkey Bacon
  3. Leftovers
  4. Pizza - Salami 
  5. New Meal:  Potatoes and Chicken Fiesta* (adding pre-cooked chicken breast)
  6. Super Bowl:  Granny's Chili, Piglets in Blankets, Greek Garden Spread, Asian Chicken Wings, Veggie Platter and Fudge Brownies*
  7. Slow-Cooker - Italian Chicken Orzo* (might use rice instead of orzo)
  8. Beef, Potato and Quinoa Soup*
  9. Frittata with Turkey Bacon
  10. Leftovers
  11. Pizza - Ham 
  12. Visiting Family
  13. Subway Sandwiches
  14. Slow-Cooker - Crock Pot Lasagna (using ground turkey)
  15. Ground Turkey Barley Soup*
  16. Scrambled Eggs and Bacon
  17. Leftovers
  18. Pizza - Pepperoni
  19. New Meal:  Creamy Salsa Potatoes* (adding pre-cooked ground turkey)
  20. Sweet and Spicy Short Rib Tacos
  21. Slow-Cooker - Crock Pot Turkey Pot Pie (thawing from freezer, heat in crockpot) with Biscuits
  22. Chicken, Chorizo and Tortilla Soup*
  23. Egg White Omelet with Salsa
  24. Leftovers
  25. Pizza - Pepperoni
  26. Turkey Tetrazzini (thaw from freezer, bake in oven)
  27. Country Style Pork Ribs using this Rub
  28. Hearty Hamburger Soup* (using ground turkey)
We are trying a few new recipes (*) this month.  I'm going to precook the chicken breasts and brown the ground turkey.  That way I'll have it ready to put into the meals.  It's much faster and easier to prepare meals throughout the month.  I'll also prebake the bacon so it's waiting for us when we have breakfast for supper.

Have a great month!


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Learn, Laugh, Cook said...

Looks like a great meal plan! I'm trying to be more like you - eat from my pantry. I'm low on ground turkey and chicken but I have a lot of bacon and sausage in my freezer right now and tons of things in my pantry. Hopefully you'll inspire me to be creative and just eat what I have instead of spending money at the store when we don't really need it right now! Keep up the great work Candi!

Jenna @ Newlyweds said...

How interesting on purchase a cow, I am not exactly sure how that works.

Good luck on my monthly menu, it looks great. Hope you enjoy the brownies.

Susie said...

Great and yummy month ahead:-)

Julie said...

We have purchased a 1/2 cow in the past 2 different times and LOVE it! Not only is it affordable and super tasty but you know where your meat comes from (and from only one cow...not a mixture of cows from a big manufacturer). DH and I have been talking that it's time to get another side of beef...we have missed it!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

We purchased a 1/2 cow this year and have been so glad we did!


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