Thursday, March 10, 2011

GIVEAWAY: Cinnamon Burst Cheerios

You already know how much cereal we eat in our house.  When MyBlogSpark and General Mills offered another cereal to try, I jumped at the opportunity.  

It's a new cereal by Cheerios.  

Cinnamon Burst Cheerios to be exact.  

Have you seen this in the store yet?

Made with real cinnamon, new Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal will delight your taste buds! This newest edition to the Cheerios line-up allows you to provide your family with a delicious and nutritious breakfast that contains 20% of the Daily Value of fiber (or 5g per serving), has 9g of sugar, is low in fat, saturated fat free and naturally cholesterol free. Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal also provides at least 8g of whole grain per serving; at least 48g recommended daily. A true crowd pleaser, Cinnamon Burst Cheerios cereal is sure to kick-start any morning!

This cereal was really delicious!  We love cinnamon-y flavored things and wasn't disappointed with the flavor.  It was fantastic!  Sissy thought she would need honey, but after she tried it, she decided it was perfectly good without it. 

Leave a comment telling me how you start your morning with a smile.  Be sure to include a valid email address. 

This giveaway will end Wednesday March 16, 2011 at 6:00 pm EST. will select the winner.  The winner will have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

EDITED to reflect winning information:
The winner is #14 Beth.  Beth has been notified and has 48 hours to reply before another winner is selected

Thanks for all who participated!



TeenaBugg38 said...

I haven't seen this in my store yet but when I do I will most certainly try it! I am ashamed to admit my day usually just sgtarts off with a few cups of

Alison said...

We love Cheerios! And my daughter loves almost anything with cinnamon! My daughter is what starts my day off with a smile! She's constantly making me laugh!

underthebigoaktree at gmail dot com

debbie said...

I tell my son good morning. It always makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy a hot cup of black coffee and a bowl of cold cereal to start my day off with a smile :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

Fabs said...

We haven't tried these yet, but I'm sure my kids would like a change from honey nut cheerios!

Chandra Christensen said...

I like to start my day with good morning kisses from my three year old son.

Sarah said...

Prayer! And I usually have a song in my head from the day before.

gert003 at aol dot com

Donna Rubright said...

Prayer. And a nice sunrise helps!

Nancy said...

Seeing my two miracle babies makes me smile.

Raven In A Blue Room said...

a big cup of coffee brings a smile to my face in the morning

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

schnitzomage {at} gmail {dot} com

Kelly said...

Coffee!!! :)


Shawn said...

I try and start my morning with a smile with some coffee and time with my family.


Janelle said...

I give my kids hugs, which always makes me smile! And then I have a cup of coffee!! :-)

Beth said...

My family is hilarious -- we smile all the time!


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