Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? 3/8/11

Last week the weather was so beautiful and warm here, I couldn't resist working in the yard.  We have some daffodils that were planted 10 years ago.  They have become overcrowded, so I separated those and replanted them in the new landscape plan.  
 (daylilies and daffodils)

I have a bunch more to transplant and will probably tackle it this week.  
(these need to be divided so badly...)

We also cleared out a small space in the vegetable garden and planted two kinds of spinach, two kinds of leaf lettuce, mesclun mix of lettuce and Swiss chard (bright lights). 
 (I put a little fence around the bed to avoid trampling the seedlings and 
to keep rabbits from munching on the greens)

Last year I tried planting these over by the porch and dining room window, but planted them way too late and they bolted.  Plants bolt when the weather gets warm and they produce flower heads.  The plant uses more energy to produce flowers, affecting the growth of the leaves which we want to eat.  I'm hoping I planted them soon enough.  I really love the Square Foot Gardening technique, but decided against the raised beds.  We did create a square foot pattern with garden twine and planted the greens within the squares using the format in the book.  The seed packet says these will be ready to harvest in 45 days.  March 2 + 45 days = April  16.  I think that's right.  

My Great Grandaddy always said to plant your garden on or after Good Friday, that will be April 24 this year for us.  The kids and I couldn't wait to get some new seeds.  I was going to order them but I'm so impatient, and went to Walmart to pick them up.  We also picked up some marigold seeds from the Dollar Tree.  Last year I planted marigolds around the garden on the outside edge.  I think it helped deter the deer and rabbits from eating our carrots.  We'll plant those when it's a little warmer.  

When do you begin planting in the ground?

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Susie said...

You are jealous about my basement? I am jealous about your garden! Mine is still buried under snow:-(

Anonymous said...

We can plant some things almost year around here in Humboldt. Some things would be lettuce, greens, etc. On the other hand we cannot really grow tomatoes or other hot weather crops here.

Anonymous said...

We can plant lettuce and greens almost year around here in Northern Coastal California. The tradeoff? No home grown tomatoes!

Fishtail Cottage said...

lol - like you, i can't wait to get out there & get my hands in the dirt! xoox

Donnie said...

I usually plant about the second week in April. I might take your Great Grandaddy's advice and wait til the 24th to see. Love your photos.

Light and Voices said...

In the mid-west we plant after Mother's Day in May. You certainly have a longer growing season than us. Lucky you!
Joyce M

Melinda said...

It will be several weeks before I begin planting anything in the ground - it's still snow covered! I've found that Great Grandaddy's are rarely wrong when it comes to planting advice!

Jami said...

I probably could plant outside cool weather things, but I need to clean up and well... :-)

Next week is Spring Break, so I'm hoping to get a jump on the clean up and get some seeds in the ground, too, like you!

I'm looking forward to seeing how your garden grows this year, Candi!

An Oregon Cottage


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