Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Planting a Permanent Herb Garden

I've always wanted to be able to go out in my backyard garden and pluck a few herbs from an herb garden.  Two summers ago, I planted a parsley plant in a pot on the back porch and loved clipping fresh parsley for recipes.  Towards the end of summer though, it died.  I'm not very good about watering plants.  It's evident in my caretaking skills of my philodendron.  I call it my "resurrection plant".  When it needs to be watered, it wilts.  I pour in a cup of water and it revives back to life!  I love that thing! 

Unfortunately, herbs and vegetables are not so forgiving.  Usually once they begin to wilt, it's too late to save them.  At least that's been my experience.

Okay, enough about my inability to water plants...

I was reading my Country Home Book of Herbs to get some ideas about how to plant them.  

I really love the idea of putting the mint in a barrel, but with my history of non-watering, I'm afraid I'll forget and they'll die.  

With mint being so invasive, I'm thinking it might be best to leave them in containers, regardless if they die or not.  I have some green plastic planting pots from last year that I think will be great to put the mint in.  We also have some cedar planks from my first attempt at square-foot gardening.  So I'm going to cut those down to 4' lengths and create boxes that will sit on the ground to separate the herbs from the rest of the garden.  In my garden plan, I've got room for 10 herb spots.  We'll see how that works out! 

Do you have an herb garden?  What did you plant?


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Mommarock said...

I like chives, and oregano, and parsley, and rosemary, and dill (not sure if dill is considered a herb). I will only plant what we actually eat.. perhaps IF we can get these going well (our soil is terrible clay and we are working on boxes and ammending that) then I will add more. I also plant onions, and garlic.. YUMMMMY

Susie said...

I do have an herb garden. I love parsley and basil (great for making your own pesto) in the garden and sage and thyme on the window sill. I also keep my mint in pots because it really does take over!

Anonymous said...

Love herbs too :)
I have a stand of lavender that is 5 years old or more!!!! can you believe it for the south!!!! It is absolutely HUGE and blooms beautifully every year!!!! love it. Also, we have thyme, rosemary growing now. Usually plant fresh curly leaf parsley every year. I love the little pink flower tops on chives!!! one day I will have those too ;)


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