Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow? 7/5/11

We pulled some carrots from our carrot patch last week. 

The kids had so much fun cleaning them.

We still have a ton in the ground!

Aren't they so pretty!?!?

They got so muddy, look at their noses!  But they had so much fun.  

We made the Carrot Cake Cookies with some of the carrots.  Did you try those yet?  They are heavenly!


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Melynda said...

I highlighted your carrot cake cookies on my Hearth n Soul post this week, small world! What a great bunch of carrots.

Pam said...

Thanks for linking up to Garden Tuesday! That is quite the carrot bouquet you have there!

Lynn said...

Nice looking carrots! :)


Jami said...

Oh my, those are terrific! And with all the colors, it looks like a garden catalog photo. :-)

How did you like the white carrots? I grew them once, but was not thrilled with the flavor- they were kinda bland- so I haven't grown them again.

-Jam @ An Oregon Cottage

Dee @ Start Dreaming said...

I missed your gorgeous carrot post last week! But I wanted to say, they look like a bouquet! Very lovely!!!

This is my first year that I have carrots growing. *blush* I have been gardening over 6 years and every year I would plant carrots, I'd pull them. Thinking they were weeds! ERGH! This year I pulled the radish instead but the carrots made it.

Over zealous weeding... sigh!

Green Bean said...

I've never had as much luck with carrots! How wonderful.

Sparklee said...

Wow, those are gorgeous! I agree, they really do look as pretty as any bouquet! And the kids look like they had a great time! Hooray for good, muddy fun!

Shannan said...

Please tell me how you get such nice fat carrots! Seriously! I can never grow them correctly.


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