Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meal Plan Monday 8/1/11

My life has become super busy.  How can I slow it down?

Preparing for Sissy to start Kindergarten in the Public School in 2 weeks.  Wooley starting High School in the Cyber School in 2 weeks.  Still filling out paperwork for that.  And Boo Boo has been super whiney for a week.  I started keeping a notebook (thanks Lorre!) so I can remember what I need to do and when.  

I made a really pretty cake for a tea party for our congregation on Saturday.  It was so fun and so nice to get together with the sisters.  Here's a picture of the cake:

It's a 3 tier cake.  All of it's cake or edible except the butterflies and ostrich plume.  I carved the tea pot from cake and made the handle and spout from gum paste.  The spout was too heavy and fell out of the cake during the party.  This was my first fondant covered cake and I did 3 cakes!  I still need the practice.  It's really hard!  I can't seem to get the smooth bottom edge.  It keeps wrinkling. I guess I need more practice.

Here's our meal plan for the week:
Monday:  We ate BBQ Pork Sandwiches, cole slaw, sweet potato fries and homemade dill pickles

Tuesday:  Lentils & Cheese Burritos (no ground turkey) with Corn & Tomato Salad

Wednesday:  Cereal with Bananas

Thursday:  Crock Pot Salsa Chicken over Brown Rice with Green Beans and Steamed Broccoli

Friday:  Thin Crust Pizza (Turkey Pepperoni and Fat Free Mozzarella cheese) with Salad

Saturday:  Going tubing in Helen, Georgia, taking nutella and banana sandwiches, chips, applesauce and pickles for lunch.  Picking up Subway or Burgers on the way home.  Going to an outdoor movie and taking popcorn and Rice Krispy Treats.

Sunday:  Sassy Sloppy Toms, Oven Cheese Fries, Green Beans and Steamed Broccoli

Have a great week!

Hopefully I can carve out some time to share a couple of recipes with y'all!


EmptyNester said...

WOW! I am majorly impressed! It looks absolutely perfect to me! Awesome!

From Cristin To Mommy said...

what a beautiful cakes. i love cake decorating but never learned the fondant. once i have my own place id love to sell cakes!! your menu looks great.
Here is a link to my Menu Plan
I'd love if you visited!
Enjoy the rest of your week:)
From Cristin To Mommy

Speckled Kat said...

LOVE that cake, it is absolutely adorable! Care to drive up to NC the next time kennakat and I throw a tea party? ;)

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

Wow, what a neat cake! You did a great job! :)


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