Sunday, January 15, 2012

Meal Plan Monday 1/16/12

Last week we didn't follow the plan.  Things happen as they normally do and we just sort of fended for ourselves a couple of nights.  My in-laws made a surprise visit into town and we ate dinner with them.  they treated us (thank you again!).  On Thursday I forgot to put the chicken in the crock pot for the Salsa Chicken so we had teriyaki glazed chicken breasts with Chinese 5 Spice scented rice and broccoli and peas. I poached the rest of the chicken and have it in the fridge waiting on a meal.    I worked Friday night to make this groom's cake.

It turned out pretty good.  (I still have trouble with the fondant.)  So my husband said everyone snacked and ate sandwiches for supper.  

We had pizza on Saturday night with a movie (Spy Kids) and popcorn.  I did make the BBQ Cola Meatballs, which were delicious (thanks Debbi!).  We ate those on Sunday night over rice.

This week we have the visit of our Circuit Overseer.  I'm really excited since they are a younger couple and she loves to make cards!  Yeah!!!  So we have plans to invite her to my mom's house to craft while the brothers are meeting at the Hall.  It was my cousin's idea so I'm hoping she's game.  In the meantime, I'm planning to eat fast meals this week so it's bound to be a busy week.

Monday:  Deconstructed Stuffed Peppers Casserole* for me and Lasagna Soup with Meatballs  with salad for the rest who don't like the casserole

Tuesday:  Smashed Pintos, Mexican Rice* with Guacamole salad

Wednesday:  (Dinner at my mom's with the CO's wife) Mexican Breakfast Scramble* (trying again this week)

Thursday: Crock Pot BBQ Country Style Ribs over rice with salad

Friday:  Pizza and salad

Saturday: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, peas and lima beans

Sunday: Carne Guisada (Latin Beef Stew)*

Lunches this week will be leftovers, Quinoa and Ginger Papaya Salad* and the Quinoa and 4 Bean Salad*

Breakfasts will be simple peanut butter and banana sandwiches with yogurt and egg white omelette with salsa

Hope you have a great week!


Speckled Kat said...

the cake looks really awesome great job!

Susie said...

Even the best laid plans stray on occasion. Sounds like your solutions were just as tasty and good for you:-)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Glad you liked the meatballs, the pepper casserole sounds good but my kids wouldn't eat it either. Have fun with the C/O, we have a single brother which is unusual but interesting!


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