Friday, February 21, 2014

Do you use Groupon?

Do you use Groupon?

I love to buy specials on there.

(this was us before the movie started)

My favorite Groupon is when they offer the Studio Movie Grill passes for $5.  Even if you don't purchase a meal, which is extra, you can still watch a new movie for $5!  A new movie nowadays is running around $9-12 depending on the theater.  Usually once every 3 months, my husband and I will do a date night.  We love going to the movies and this is one of favorite ways to spend the evening.

(one of the waterfalls we walked to)

Groupon occasionally offers special rates on hotels.  Last year for our 15th wedding anniversary, we stayed on the north side of Atlanta at a hotel with the best breakfast buffet we've ever enjoyed.  I found the hotel on Groupon and figured out the time frame to stay during our anniversary weekend.  It worked out perfectly.  It was close enough to the mountains, yet close enough to Atlanta so we can eat out at some yummy restaurants.

(we ate at Pappadeaux for the first time...oh my word! yum!)

(this was when we did the Dirty Girl in April 2012)

Some friends and I are participating in the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run in April.  There's currently a Groupon for a fairly nice hotel up there for only $61 a night.  My parents are going to stay at our house while my husband and I head up there for the weekend.  Nice treat!

If you haven't purchased a Groupon before, let me explain a little bit about how it works.

You can choose to log in with your Facebook account or you can sign up using an email address.  Once you've logged in, you select the city where you'd like to see Groupons from.  We choose different cities depending on where we are going to be visiting.  There's also a free app for you smartphone.  View the Groupon you are interested in.  I always read the "fine print" and any questions others have asked.  You can also pose a question if you can't find the answer you are looking for.  If it's for a hotel, you can read the reviews from TripAdvisor or other reputable source to see what others have had to say about the hotel.  Once you decide to purchase a Groupon, select the "BUY" button and enter your credit card information.  Groupon keeps the credit card in a secured file and you only have to key it in once.  Then select "CONFIRM PURCHASE".  This will put the Groupon in your folder "MY GROUPONS".  You can view current Groupons, used Groupons and expired Groupons.

Almost always, if not always,  the amount you paid for the Groupon does not expire.  If the Groupon expires before you use it, you can apply the amount paid on the voucher to a purchase at the place you bought the Groupon for.

For example, I bought a Groupon for $5 for Studio Movie Grill.  It expired.  When I want to see a movie, I can apply the $5 as a coupon to the ticket price of a movie.  The $5 is still good, but only as a coupon or discount off a regular admission.

I have found that Groupon offers great ideas for kids too.  We've taken advantage of Apple Picking, Sky Zone, Bowling, and a Teahouse.  The kids loved all of that!

I have linked to my Groupon referral code, so if you choose to sign up using this referral and make a purchase within 72 hours, I'll receive a $10 referral credit.  Thank you for supporting me and my family!


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Katie mcminds said...

Love groupon! You're doing a mud run in April? What city? I'd love to do it with you guys one day!


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