Friday, December 26, 2008

Conquer Evil with the Good

We had our Circuit Assembly this month. The information was so good and timely! As usual :) The theme was Conquer the Evil with the Good. Many wonderful experiences of our friends who have endured great hardships with the help of Jehovah's holy spirit and our worldwide loving brotherhood. What a blessing to be apart of such a unified organization. With my two little ones, I was surprised how much of the information I was able to take in. I thought Haylei did really good, being only 2 and sitting through most of the program. She colored, put stickers on paper, drew her people (who I love, they have no necks or bodies, they sort of look like Mike from Monsters Inc. with legs coming out of their heads.) and even sang during the Kingdom Melodies. Thankfully, Hunter was just as good. He is 6 months old now! He ate, slept and played a little in the afternoon each day. So we missed very little of the program. Our new District Overseer is so hilarious! Can't wait to hear more from him. And our new Circuit Overseer makes his rounds in January here, so we are very excited to hear from him too. Jehovah makes sure we are truly cared for in these last days.

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The Horns said...

You probably already told me but I'm glad the kids did well! I love having a computer again!


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