Thursday, January 29, 2009


Haylei and I were looking on the for some recipes about 2 months ago when we came across a tutorial for making a princess castle cake. We watched about 5 times and then I decided we HAD to make that cake.

But in order to have the cake, we HAD to have a princess party and invite all our friends. We decided on January 19th, because the school age girls were going to be out of school. It turned out so cute!

Our feast included Piglets in Blankies (mini cocktail weiners wrapped in crescent rolls), Rascally Raspberry Rabbit Sandwiches (Raspberry jelly and cream cheese on wheat bread cut out with a bunny cookie cutter and a mini marshmallow for the tail), Fruit topped with cool whip, a chocolate covered cherry Mouse and pink lemonade with a maracshino cherry.

Everything was pink pink pink!!! We had pink tulle hanging in all the doorways, in the mailbox, on the front porch...we put pink tulle around each chair and tied a balloon to each chair. We had pink cups, pink table cloths, pink plates and forks and spoons. It had to be very girlie!

We played games...Each girl dug in a jar of rice to pull out as many rings as they could within 1 minute. I found big plastic gemstone rings at Wal-Mart and Party City.

Then we read the classic story of The Princess and the Pea. The mothers brought the girls' pillows and they sat on their pillow while I read the story. Afterwards, the girls were shuttled to another room while we put "peas" which were tennis balls, under each pillow. When the girls came back in, we had them sit on their pillow and if they could feel the "pea" they were given a plaque that stated "PRINCESS". Of course, they all felt the "pea" and all were given a plaque. They were REAL princesses!!!

I think all the little princesses had alot of fun! I know Haylei loved it. It's all she's been talking about since then!

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The Horns said...

It was so fun! Thanks for all your hardwork! All the girls were so cute! Christina

Adventure Mom Janna said...

How fun! The pink castle is to die for.

In fact it makes me think of the children's book Pinkalicious. Have you heard of it? She eats too many cupcakes with pink frosting and turns pink:)

I just learned about it through the new link up I started called "Feed Me Books Friday" on my blog. It's for moms to post about books they and their children love to help other moms find quality books to read to their kids.

I love that you read to the kids at a party! It sounds like you would have some great books to share with us so please consider this your personal invitation to join us some Friday!

Amanda @ Mommy's Idea Book said...

This is the cake I'm going to be making next Friday for my daughter's princess party. I think I'm going to put flags on the top of the cones though. You did a great job. I hope my turns out good too.


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