Monday, February 9, 2009

Pretty Wedding Invitation

I volunteered myself and with Brenda's help we made these beautiful invitations for a sister in the Hall. I had to keep this one because it's a little crooked and has a greasy finger print on the teal panel. The little reception favors are easy to make too. I got the idea from Brenda. She did some similar for Casie's wedding that were just beautiful. Everyone thought they were store bought. But no, we made them. These here are made with wrapping paper and since the paper is very thin, I devised a way to cut a single sheet of copy paper to fit inside to give the favor more weight so it doesn't get bent up too bad. We are going to be making 200 of these. It's going to be lots of fun and they will be so great at the reception!

1 comment:

The Horns said...

I love the wrapping paper! The invitations are BEAUTIMAS, of course!


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