Thursday, March 19, 2009

Coupon Sites and Savings

I've received a couple of calls and emails from you guys wanting to know more about couponing and saving money. I have linked a couple of blogs I follow towards the bottom of the page on the right hand side. Please feel free to check here to link over to their sites. Coupon Cravings has a link to a how to video and it's very helpful. Donna has been my mentor for couponing since she has been doing it forever and has been encouraging me to do it for at least the last 5 years. It really does save you a ton of money and you can easily stock your pantry for little to no money.

A couple of reminders...always check your local Publix weekly ads to see when they are effective. We live in Fulton County and therefore, our sales run from Thursday to Wednesday. Carroll and Coweta Counties run from Wednesday to Tuesday. If you choose to do your weekly shopping on Sunday then you are all set, it doesn't matter. But if you shop during the week, make sure you know the day your sales begin and end. It's the worst feeling to have your list and your coupons then to find out the sale ended the day before! It happened to my brother (whom I have recently converted to couponing :) Most other stores run their sales from Sunday to Saturday.

Also, I'm going to be adding a new feature to this blog related to stretching your meals. I was talking to a friend yesterday and gave her a couple of ideas and later thought I should put them on here for everyone to view and get ideas. I hope this helps everyone during this crazy economic downturn. Until then, SAVE THOSE COUPONS!!!

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