Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kroger 3/25 OUST Spray

Haylei and I went to Kroger last night to pick up some of their specials on frozen chopped spinach for $.68 per box. While we were there, they had reduced some of the Tyson Chicken Breasts to $.79 lb! Of course, we had to pick up 2 packages for the freezer. At the front of the store they usually have some reduced for quick sale items. I found several cans of Oust Air Sanitizer marked down to $1.99 each. I dug through my coupons and found the BOGOF coupon and hurried to the register. That was such a deal! Both cans for $1.99!

TIP: Always check the meat case for reduced meats, they are not out of date but coming up close so they want to move them out of the store. Buy them, cook them that night or freeze for later use. If you can't find the reduce meat section, ask the meat department manager or one of the employees in the meat department. They almost always put it in the same place each week. Your store might even have a particular day they reduce meats each week. No harm in asking!


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