Monday, August 17, 2009

CVS Shopping Trip 8/17/09

Oh my goodness!!! I just found the best deal at CVS tonight. I literally just walked in the door and couldn't wait to post this for everyone! I needed hairspray (my brand new bottle was confiscated at the airport Friday morning) so I figured I would do the Garnier Fructis deal (Buy $15 Get $5 ECB). Of course, I totally misread the deal and thought it was Buy $10 Get $5 ECB and with the 3 for $10 deal I was thinking it was an unbelievable deal. (yes, it was too good to be true). So upon checkout I purchased 2 bottles of hairspray $3.33 each and 1 bottle of conditioner (it also had a travel size shampoo and conditioner attached for free). When the cashier handed me my receipt without my $5 ECB, I noticed the conditioner with the freebies attached rang up for $1.07. Yes, you read that correctly $1.07! But then I had the $.75/1 coupon so it really ended up being only $.32!!! So I told the girl I would come back tomorrow and purchase the required amount in order to get my ECBs. When I got in the car, I reread the sales flyer and realized I needed to buy $15 worth of Garnier products.

So tomorrow I'm heading back to pick up the rest of the conditioners with the attached freebies for $1.07 and then will rack up my $5 ECBs. That deal is so good. I had to share.

Also, CVS has an unadvertised ECB deal for the CVS Tampons at $1.89. Get $1.89 ECB after checkout and the limit is 1.

My purchase today:
2 Hairsprays $3.33 each
1 Conditioner $1.07 each
- $.75/1 coupon
- $.75/1 coupon
- $3 ECB
- $3 ECB
= $.24 OOP

I saved $13.03 and was out of pocket $.24.


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