Monday, October 12, 2009

Monthly Totals - September 2009

A few of my friends were curious about the amount of money I save during a month. While I knew I was doing a good job saving money and getting good deals, I really had not kept track of my savings. So I sat down and created a spreadsheet that would reflect my OOP (out of pocket expense), the amount I saved at the store, the total amount of groceries/products I got and the percentage saved during that trip.

Grocery Stores:
Total OOP $360.25, Saved $441.06, Total worth $801.31, 55.04% saved

This works out to be $90.06 each week for groceries (over budget $40.06).

Drug Stores:
Total OOP $92.93, Saved $409.98, Total worth $583.91, 81.21% saved

This works out to be $23.23 each week for drug store related purchases.

So I ended up getting $1385.22 worth of product for $426.81 saving 69.11%. ($106.70 combined weekly OOP).

So let me start by stating this is my "catch up" month from the SLOW summer months. Since my husband's salary is based on commission, our income is VERY slim in the summer months. I stockpile during the fall and spring of the year. So while I was very over budget for September, I am still on par for the year -- or at least I hope so! I am still learning and hope October will be more on track for my $50 a week.

Hope you had a great month!

You can see how others are doing by reading more at Money Saving Mom.


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