Saturday, October 17, 2009

Publix Money-Makers

Yes - you read that correctly - money-makers are items you purchase on sale and using a coupon or combination of manufacturer and store coupons to get an item FREE plus an overage. For example (THIS IS ONLY AN EXAMPLE):

Cover Girl Mascara $4.00
on sale 40% off = $2.40
- $1/1 mfr coupon from the insert
- $3/1 coupon from store
= FREE + money-maker ($1.60) overage

When you have an overage situation, take advantage of it and buy meat and/or produce. These are the most expensive items aside from toilet paper and laundry detergent. Typically I buy the latter two mentioned items at Walgreens or CVS using RR or ECBs. You determine what is needed in your stockpile and buy accordingly.

Read some great money-makers at Publix this week by going over to I Prefer Publix.


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