Thursday, October 22, 2009

Coupon 101: Save Money with eCoupons!

Free Grocery Coupons

Do you sign up for eCoupons? It's super easy!

Kroger is a great place to utilize online eCoupons. There are a few other stores where you can also take advantage of eCoupons but we have Kroger stores in our area.

Sign In/Register
Once you register, make sure you also input your Kroger Plus card number in the provided field.

Now you can click on
Coupons - Print or Download
You'll see a couple of different boxes on the screen: "No more clipping coupons!..." P&G eSaver and also the one below it "Save on Groceries with shortcut$.com".

You'll need to sign up if you haven't done so before, or you can roll down and log in.
In the left sidebar, you can update
My Profile and also update your My Shopper's Cards with your Kroger Plus card number. You can also start adding coupons to your card by clicking on My P&G eSaver Coupons
. Now you can see what coupons are available to you for download. And you click the ones you want to add to your card. These are coupons you typically get in the Sunday inserts once a month from Proctor & Gamble (i.e. Tide, Bounty, Crest, Huggies...)

Click on ShortCut$ box.
You'll need to sign up for Shortcut$ if you haven't already done so. In the middle of the screen is a big button "START NOW" to create an account or you can log in to your account in the right sidebar. There are tabs in the middle of the screen "Home", "My Coupons", "My Profile", "Partner Stores", "Shopping List", "Help". These will help you navigate the site. Complete your profile with your Kroger Plus card information. If you don't live in our area, you can click on "Partner Stores" to see other stores who participate in this program. Click on "My Coupons" to start adding coupons to your Kroger Plus card. These coupons are found in the Sunday inserts, Print Free Coupons Online at,,,, and other sources from manufacturer's online.

Another option is Cellfire. I am very new to this. I only just signed up yesterday after reading what Jenny at
Southern Savers had to say HERE. I always thought you had to use your cell phone and I didn't want to have any extra charges go to my cell phone. But that is not the case at all. In fact, you can use your home phone number if you want. It works on the same principle as the other eCoupons.

I did learn that if you have more than one eCoupon loaded on your card, the one that is closest to expire will come off first. Also, only one eCoupon will be used at a time. You cannot stack two eCoupons together.

CORRECTION 12/15/2009 PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT CORRECT!!! YOU MAY NOT STACK PAPER AND ECOUPONS TOGETHER. ORIGINALLY I STATED THE FOLLOWING: However, you can stack an eCoupon with a paper coupon and save even more money when the product goes on sale. And while eCoupons do not double, your paper coupons with an amount of $.50 or less will double (if your Kroger doubles coupons - to my knowledge all Krogers in the Atlanta area double coupons). So if you have a $.50 Betty Crocker coupon for frosting and the $.50 eCoupon equivalent, then you'll save $1.50. I plan on doing this at some point since I have some of these paper coupons. I'll report back the actual cost of the frosting. I'm hoping it will be on sale soon because my paper coupon expires 11/4/09. THIS IS INCORRECT INFORMATION.

I hope this was helpful!


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