Thursday, October 22, 2009

That Family Blogoversary: FreshMatic Air Freshener

Okay, I've read about this blog before, but tonight I found it again. We Are THAT Family is having her 2nd Blogoversary today. She's hosting a blog carnival for everyone to post their "That Family"moments...well I couldn't think of anything and wasn't going to post anything until my husband just told me about trying to take out the AirWick FreshMatic Air Freshener.

So first of all, I read about the AirWick's being on sale for $6 at Walmart and if I use the $6 coupon from the paper, it would be FREE. So of course we had to make a special trip to Wally World to get it..or 3 since I had 3 coupons...but don't worry, there were about 200 on the shelf so I wasn't being greedy. Anyway, I set it up when I got home knowing full well that my husband would hate it - - he doesn't like smelling things and even walks on the other side of the mall when we pass by Bath and Body Works - - but it was FREE and it was apple cinnamon. So I set it up in the living room on the mantle nearest the far wall out of sight. I figured maybe just maybe he wouldn't notice. Well he didn't - - at first. The kids were not feeling well Tuesday and so I stayed home with them while he went to the meeting. While he was gone, I figured I'd doing some blogging and was really engrossed looking up the CVS weekly ad on The kids were sound asleep in their beds and it was really REALLY quiet in the house. The next thing I hear is a "SNEEZE". SCARED me to pieces!!! I froze my fingers on the keyboard because I thought somehow someone had gotten into our house. I sat for a second and realized that if I screamed, it would wake up my children and if there were an intruder, he'd get them and me. So I figured I'd just sit here at my laptop acting like nothing happened. Then about 15 minutes later after the scaredness (if that's a word) had worn off, I smelled this wonderful apple cinnamon aroma...that's when I realized the "SNEEZE" was the FreshMatic releases it's scent. Then I felt really silly and finished my blogging. Well, of course I told my husband about it and he thought I was crazy. Until just now...

He proceeds to tell me this morning when he left to go to work all the lights were turned off and he was fixing to set the alarm. He had keys in hand when out of the corner of his eye he saw a flashlight turn on in the living room (I'm sorry, I can barely type this, I'm dying laughing) He thought somebody was in the corner of the living room and he was fixing to throw his keys across the room and take out that person - - because his jacket wasn't heavy enough to do any harm. Then at the last second, he realized the light went out and upon further investigation, it was that blasted FreshMatic air freshener! The light blinked and completely took him off guard!

So my FREE FreshMatic has nearly caused me to have a heart attack and for us to have to replace a plate glass door!

Yes, we are THAT family too sometimes :)

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