Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Daily Grind: Water? You want me to DRINK it???

Have you ever had trouble getting your children to drink water? Some kids naturally love water. My cousin's youngest daughter loves water, drinks it like she was a fish. Others detest it, like you were trying to poison them! I have problems getting my 3-1/2 year old daughter to drink water and that in-turn affects how my 18 month old son drinks it. He does everything she does (including temper tantrums!).

Recently, my son has developed a fascination with straws. I remember reading about a milestone they encounter for fine motor skills. You can help them hone this skill by setting them on the floor with a colander and some spaghetti noodles. Show them how to put the spaghetti noodles through the holes on the colander. Well, the same principle applies with the straw
and a lid. He sat for about half an hour in his high chair pulling the straw in and out of the hole. So then I thought - Hey - let's make this a "special" straw and put water in a cup with a new straw and see if he'll drink it. BINGO! It worked like a charm!

My daughter on the other hand is smarter than her little brother and can see through my ploy so we'll have to try a little different approach on her. Anyone have suggestions?

"The Daily Grind" are posts referring to my career as wife, mother, bookkeeper, seamstress, chauffeur, teacher, baker & cook and whatever else life throws my way. (Proverbs 31)


Anonymous said...

Alyson doesn't like water either but I remember when Shelby didn't like water. What changed his mind is the doctor telling him he needs to drink juice, milk & water every day. So I could just tell Shelby that he didn't drink his water for the day & he would drink it. Now he asks for it. I just have to get this doctor to say the same thing to Aly!

Candi said...

thanks christina - she does love our dr goza so maybe i could have her say something to haylei about drinking water...great idea!


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